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with NO AFFECT on your credit!

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At Credit Links, we take all the guess work and aggravation out of Health Care and Major Purchase Financing. As a non-bias technology company, Credit Links will let you submit one application and receive...Your Current Credit Score! Your Current Credit Report! And Links To Credit Programs where you meet minimum guidelines!

What Can You Get Pre-approved To Finance?

Health Care Programs:

Cosmetic Surgery

Skin Care


Weight Loss


Dental Procedures

Vision Care




Spinal Procedures

Stem Cell Procedures

Hearing Aides

Insurance Co-Pays!

Consumer Purchases:

Home Improvements




Auto Repairs

Marine Repairs

Consumer Electronics

Computer Programs

Business Opportunities and Capital

Dream Vacations


Trade Schools

Legal Fees


Almost Anything!

Our Mission Statement... Create a Point Of Sale Credit Technology that is simple for our clients to use; Leads to more Approvals and Sales Conversions; And offers each Applicant the Best interest Rates and Terms available to meet thair needs!

1 Answer Five Preliminary Questions

2 Agree to the Terms of the User License Agreement.

3 Complete the Pre-qualification Application.

4 Review your Credit Score, Report, and Potential Credit Programs

5 Click on the Credit Program where you want to apply.

6 Complete the process with that Credit Issuer.

Contact Credit Links at (844) 99 LINKS / (844) 995-4657 or Email: Info@CreditLinks.Net